How to Plant Grape Vines From Buds


Growing grapevines from buds offers a rewarding pastime for professional and amateur gardeners alike. Hardy grapevine plants grow from short cuttings taken from dormant or green wood, but may take several years to mature and produce fruit. Use homegrown grapes for jams, juices and even wines. Looking for to change your outdoor decor? Spruce up wooden pergolas and archways with luscious grapevines and create romantic outdoor settings.

Step 1

Collect dormant vines as buds begin to swell in the spring. Use clean shears to snip a 6-inch long vine from the previous year's growth. Vines should have 4 to 5 nodes and be no thicker than the diameter of a pencil.

Step 2

Allow cuttings to callus by wrapping them in moist paper towels and placing them in the refrigerator. Once a thick white callus forms at the end of each cutting, they are ready to be planted.

Step 3

Fill a pot with 1 part perlite to 1 part potting soil. Place in a greenhouse or near a warm, sunny window.

Step 4

Plant the cutting in the potting mixture. Bury the bottom three nodes in the soil mixture and allow the upper buds to show above the soil level. Plant the cutting right side up by checking for the scar from where the leaf was growing below the top bud.

Step 5

Mist the cuttings daily with water from a spray bottle. Soil should stay moist without being fully saturated.

Step 6

Transplant cuttings to their final destination once 2- to 3-inch long roots have formed. Dig a hole wide enough to spread the roots without bending. Place the plant in the center of the hole and cover the roots with 2 inches of dirt. Keep cuttings well watered until fully established.

Tips and Warnings

  • When allowing calluses to form, be careful not to freeze cuttings as this will kill the buds.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Perlite
  • Potting soil
  • Pot


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