How to Lay Sod Grass


Laying sod can seem like an arduous, difficult task, but the results are much quicker than you would get with grass seed. If you want a lush, green lawn in a hurry, sod is your only option. Although it can take a good deal of time and energy to properly lay sod on a large lawn area, the task is not difficult if you pay attention and follow some simple guidelines.

Step 1

Remove weeds, rocks, sticks and other debris from the area to be sodded.

Step 2

Till the area to be planted so the earth is loose and ready for the sod to be planted.

Step 3

Water the ground thoroughly. The soil should be moist when the sod is planted. It's best to thoroughly water the entire area for two or three days before you plan on laying the sod.

Step 4

Lay the first piece of sod out along the ground. It should be rolled out at straight as possible.

Step 5

Lay the second piece of sod at the end of the first, taking care to make sure the ends abut nicely and there is no gap between the two pieces.

Step 6

Lay the remaining sod pieces in long rows. Make sure that the pattern is staggered. For example, in the second row the ends should fall in the middle of the pieces of the first and third rows. When a piece of sod is too large to fit in a space, use a heavy-duty knife to cut one strip into two.

Step 7

Fill in any gaps or seams with loose soil or dirt. Make sure all the seams and gaps are filled completely.

Step 8

Roll the entire lawn area with a lawn roller to push the sod down into the earth as deeply as possible. This will help the sod make contact with the soil and begin to establish its roots.

Step 9

Water the sod thoroughly immediately after you finish laying it down. New sod needs to be watered often to be success. For the first week, water it daily. After a week, stretch out the time between waterings to once every two or three days for the next two to three weeks. If you lay your sod during a hot spell, it may need to be watered more than once each day during the first week to stay moist.

Things You'll Need

  • Rototiller
  • Heavy-duty knife
  • Lawn roller
  • Hose and/or sprinklers


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