How to Compare Self Propelled Mowers


Self-propelled mowers are easier to use than push mowers because they power themselves forward. All you have to do is steer them. Though they share this common feature, self-propelled lawn mowers can differ widely in their engine technology and mowing settings. Compare and review the many self-propelled lawn mowers available to make an educated decision on the best mower for your lawn landscape.

Step 1

Compare the mowers' starting mechanisms. Most mowers require you to pull a rope to start the engine. This can be hard work. Some newer self-propelled mowers have electric starters that function with the simple push of a button. They are easier to use, but are typically more expensive.

Step 2

Choose the fueling technology. Gasoline engines are the most common technology in lawn mowers, but electric engines are readily available. Both types can perform at comparable levels. Electric mowers don't create the exhaust emissions or noise that gas mowers do, but they typically require extension cords, so they may not be the best option for a large lawn or a lawn with numerous obstructions.

Step 3

Check how adjustable the machines' mowing heights are and how easy it is to change these heights. More height options give you the greatest control and make the machine ideal for use on multiple types of lawn species that may have different height requirements. If you only plan to use the mower on only one type of lawn, this may be not be important.

Step 4

Review the mowers' extra features. Some are straightforward mowing machines, while others include extra settings for shredding or mulching leaves or vegetation. If you plan to do such lawn work, opt for a mower with these features.


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