Projects With Flowers in Buckets

Country flower gardens are a popular design style with homeowners. Home gardeners can use country-style props to create small compact flower garden installations. Buckets fit the bill for this country look, whether in wood or metal. Buckets are sturdy and will hold a generous amount of planting material, so they are ideal for use in creative planting ideas,

Spilled bucket

Position a rustic wooden bucket laying on its side in the lawn. Partially bury the leading edge of the bucket opening. Dig a small, irregular patch in front of the bucket and plant petunias or other short flowers. When the mass of flowers blooms, it will look like you dropped a bucket of flowers on your lawn and they all spilled out onto the grass.

Shiny Step Planters

Plant a series of shiny galvanized buckets with lobelia, petunia, trailing snapdragons or any other flowering plant that will straggle down the side of the bucket. Fill the bucket halfway with pea gravel or large rocks to help fill space before adding potting soil. Arrange one bucket on either side of a set of porch steps, or set a line of them up against the house. One bucket planted like this makes an attractive centerpiece for a patio table.

Wishing Well

If you have a decorative wishing well on your property, purchase a new bucket for it and planting it with trailing flowers like fuchsia or lobelia. You may want to add trailing green plants to this arrangement, such as spider plant or ferns.

Ball of Flowers

Use a hot knife or drill to cut holes in the sides of a small bucket. Cut four holes evenly spaced in the bottom of the bucket, as well. Fill this with potting soil, putting petunia seedlings in each hole and adding potting soil to the bucket to cover each root ball. When it is planted, you will have a hanging planter with petunia seedlings sticking out the bottom and sides. When the flowers bloom, this will transform into a very large ball of flowers.

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