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If variety is the spice of life, there are many ways to say "I love you" with Valentine's flowers. There should be no complaints from the gallery about Valentine's gifts that are a departure from tradition. They are fresh and new, but just as true to the spirit of love, romance and faithfulness.

Red Rose History

Traditionally, red roses are the universal choice for Valentine's Day. This dates to ancient Roman times, when Romans worshipped Venus (Aphrodite) as the goddess of love and beauty. Venus loved red roses, setting the standard for centuries to come for Valentine's Day flowers. Red roses also symbolize Cupid (Eros), the son of Venus. They are usually pictured alongside Cupid and his habitual bow and arrow. Red is the color of high passions and strong feelings, which may be another reason why symbolically, red roses are a favorite expression of love.

Meanings Of Flowers

Roses are usually the first choice for a Valentine's bouquet, but increasingly there are other possibilities. The alternatives may be favorite flowers or have a sentimental significance. In other cases, they may be sending a subtle message, if the secret code of flower meanings is true. For example, ambrosia stands for reciprocated love, asters are symbols of love and the arbutus conveys the message "Thee only do I love." Camellias represent steadfastness, and red carnations denote admiration. Chrysanthemums say "I love you, " trumped by gardenias that whisper, "I love you in secret." Daisies stand for loyal love, red tulips are declarations of love and pink zinnias reflect lasting affection. However, watch out for anemones, which mean refusal or abandonment; columbines, which convey deserted love; cyclamen, which trumpet goodbye; and yellow carnations, which bring rejection.

Romantic Legend

Surely no Valentine's Day selection could be more appropriate than forget-me-nots, which stand for everlasting love. It is said that as a knight and his lady love were strolling along a riverbank, a patch of brilliant blue flowers caught her eye. Gallantly, the knight bent to pick a bouquet for her. Somehow, he lost his footing, and plunged into the river. However, he apparently threw the flowers to his lady before he drowned, with the impassioned plea "Forget me not." Evidently the heartbroken maiden heeded his plea, for she took the flowers and herself to a nunnery, and there she lived the remainder of her days, pining for the love of her life.

Florists' Choices

Increasingly, stargazer lilies are popular choices with florists, as Valentine's Day flowers by themselves, or combined with other flowers. One of the meanings ascribed to stargazer lilies is "Heaven in your eyes" so they are certainly a romantic selection. Their name describes the way these blooms open skywards. Calla lilies are also popular florist flowers for Valentine's Day.

Gourmet Fruit Bouquets

If your valentine is allergic to flowers, do not despair. Consider a gourmet fruit bouquet instead. Many tempting choices are online, and in some cases, even the option to learn how to make them.

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