Shrubs & Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping your home with bright shrubs and bold features is the ideal way to refresh the look of a home. Outdoor living spaces like backyard patios beg for fresh and colorful bushes like lilacs and forsythia. For a long-lasting landscape, surround the outdoor space with perennial shrubs that come back each year fuller and taller. For a relaxing retreat to the landscape, add a set of outdoor patio chairs along a garden path or stone patio. Nestle a tricking fountain nearby and enjoy decompressing in your outdoor oasis.

Hydrangea Shrubs

From flowering shrubs like lilac bushes to evergreen hedges like boxwood, shrubs are an ideal way to bring in height, width and beauty to the landscape. A colorful and long-lasting shrub to add to the landscape is the hydrangea bush. Hydrangea is a deciduous shrub with large green leaves and clusters of snowball like blooms. The everlasting flowers come in a range of colors---including red, pink, blue, white and purple. For a lush design to the landscape, plant the hydrangea bush inside a perennial garden to add height and width to the space. Because this perennial bush grows wide, it is also an ideal bush to plant along the front of the home to help fill in low spaces and create privacy around the home. Hydrangea blooms also look lovely flanked on either side of a garden entry or at an entrance to an outdoor pergola.

Garden Path

Create a garden path around the landscape to lead you to separate areas around the yard. Garden paths made from flagstone and slate add a rich design to the landscape with their earth colors. The deep grays, browns and oranges are brilliant lining the landscape. For contrast along a stone path, fill in the spaces between each stone with shale bits or smooth pebbles. Both bring in texture between the stones and help to define each step. Other lovely fillers are ground covers like creeping thyme and sedum. Both, with their vibrant green color and trailing foliage, fill in the spaces for a contrasting design. For a warm and inviting glow to the garden path, add solar lights. Nestle them along the path to light up the space for evening walks.

Water Feature

Add a trickling water feature to the landscape for a relaxing and soothing oasis. Water features snuggled within a perennial garden or along a garden wall make the landscape inviting. There is a wide range of different water features to use in the landscape. For small spaces, tuck a simple container fountain along a patio to bring life to the space. Larger tiered fountains create a focal point to a large backyard and attract wildlife like songbirds and hummingbirds. Whatever space you have to work with, nestling a water feature into the landscape transforms the space into your own peaceful retreat.

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