How to Plant in Concrete Urns


Concrete urns are a pretty addition to your patio, deck and garden. They add style and class to any landscape and are available in a number of sizes and styles. Shrubs, flowers and trees can be grown in concrete urns. Planting in urns is very similar to planting in any other sort of container. The difference is it takes more muscle to move these pots.

Step 1

Buy concrete urns that have drainage holes in the bottom. This ensures that the soil drains well. If there are no holes, drill several of them yourself, using a power drill and masonry bit.

Step 2

Place the concrete urns somewhere that gets adequate light for your plants. They will be easier to move now than when they are full of soil and plants.

Step 3

Lay 2 to 3 inches of pebbles or small stones on the bottom of the container. Even if there are drainage holes, the pebbles will help with drainage and limit the possibility of root rot.

Step 4

Fill the urn halfway with potting soil. Remove the plants from their nursery containers and place them in the center of the pot. Fill in around them with the remaining soil.

Step 5

Leave the top 2 inches of the container free of soil, so there is room for water. Tamp down the soil to remove air pockets.

Step 6

Water the plants in the concrete urn until the water streams out of the drainage holes at the bottom. Add mulch around the base of the plants to add nutrients and help the soil retain moisture.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill
  • Masonry bit
  • Pebbles or small stones
  • Soil
  • Mulch


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