Interesting Facts About Trees


Trees give shade, bear fruit, and beautify the surrounding areas. A lush, healthy tree can increase the value of the property it stands on. Trees are fascinating organisms that have deep roots in the history of humankind. Learn some interesting historical facts and some charming tidbits about trees, large and small.

Fun Fact

In the United States, every state has chosen an official state tree, but the United States does not have a national tree.


The tallest tree in the world is a coast redwood named Hyperion in Redwood National Park in California. It was more than 379 feet tall as of 2006. The tree largest in diameter is also a coast redwood named Lost Monarch, located in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. To protect the trees' environments, their exact locations are not available to the public.

Flying Seeds

The seeds of the cottonwood tree are covered in fluffy hairs that help the seeds float to new locations. The seeds can stay up in the air for many days before settling in a new planting location.


The Christmas tree has been a commercial product in the United States since 1850. Today, Christmas trees are sometimes airlifted out of the fields using helicopters.


The bark of trees offers protection that helps each species of tree survive. The eucalyptus tree has an oily bark that burns and sheds when the tree is on fire, preventing the fire from killing the tree.

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