Plants That Are in the Tropical Biome

There are seven biomes on the planet: desert, marine, tundra, taiga, grassland, rain forest and temperate forest. The rain forest, or tropical biome, is the richest source of life on earth with more than 40,000 plant species throughout the biome's regions. From moss to trees, tropical ecosystems are havens for diverse and abundant plant life of many forms.


Ephedra is a hardy tropical herb that can adapt to colder climates in home gardens. It possesses needle-like leaves and small red berries that are often used medicinally in a variety of applications. Native to the rain forests of Asia and in parts of Europe, ephedra is an ancient plant that has been introduced all over the world where it thrives in a variety of climates and biomes. It should be planted in an area that receives sunlight for long amounts of time, in well-mulched soil. Ephedra should only be watered once ever two weeks in tropical to temperate climates. In desert climates, it should be watered once a week. Ephedra seeds can be purchased through online tropical plant retailers, or it can be propagated by rooted cuttings.


Also known as the pineapple guava, the feijoa is an evergreen bush found in higher elevations of the tropical biome in regions like Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. It's identified by its smooth, grayish brown bark and deep green foliage that remain green all year. The flowers of the feijoa are fragrant and highly attractive, possessing several crimson spikes surrounded by a series of soft white-pink petals. The flowers of the feijoa produce the fruit of the same name that is harvested throughout the world for many uses. The feijoa tree, although native to the rain forest biome, thrives in many climates because of its hardy root structure. It can be propagated in a garden by rooting cut branches, or by directly sowing the seeds of its fruit into the garden soil. Plenty of mulch, compost and moisture throughout the hot season will keep the bush thriving.


Also referred to as spurred snapdragon, the toadflax is a rapidly blooming annual flower that is native to tropical parts of Africa. It's identified by its tall growing stem and its clusters of vibrantly colored blooms ranging from yellow and pink to bright royal purple. Toadflax has been naturalized throughout most of the world, and can grow in a variety of climates during warm seasons. It can be easily propagated by seed in well drained soil and watered weekly.

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