How to Plant Georgia Bahia Grass


Georgia bahia grass can survive in a wide range of soils, including sandy and clay varieties. It is vibrant green and grows in dense clusters, allowing it to compete well with weeds. The roots of fully established grass can reach 8 feet below ground. Georgia bahia grass does best in hot, humid environments and is well-known throughout the Gulf coast regions of the United States. Fairly drought-tolerant, it is a common sight on lawns, highways and pastures. Plant it properly to assure it will thrive.

Step 1

Water the soil 24 hours before planting. Georgia bahia grass grows best in full sun and well-draining soil.

Step 2

Loosen the top 2 to 3 inches of soil and remove any large sticks or rocks.

Step 3

Broadcast seeds over the planting area with your hand. Plant 10 to 15 seeds per square inch of dirt.

Step 4

Cover the seeds with no more than ¼ inch of soil.

Step 5

Water newly planted seeds without saturating the soil. Continue to water once daily until the grass is approximately 2 inches high.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not apply weed control products until the grass is fully established and has been mowed at least three times.


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