How to Grow Timothy Grass


Timothy grass is a bunch-type grass that is most frequently found in the Northeast and upper Midwest. The shallow roots of the grass make it particularly unsuited for warm, dry areas such as the Southwest. Growing Timothy grass is fairly simple, but does require quite a bit of preparation. The grass seed needs to be scattered on a fairly firm, weed-free seed bed, so you'll need to start preparing the planting area about four to six weeks in advance. Timothy grass should be planted in spring or late summer for best results.

Step 1

Spray the planting area with a layer of weed-killing herbicide and allow the plot to sit for about two weeks. Rake up the dead weeds and dispose of them.

Step 2

Work the ground with a hand tiller to aerate the soil. Remove large rocks and roots from the top 3 inches of the planting area so that the grass won't be impeded when it begins to grow.

Step 3

Tamp down the aerated soil with the back of the gardening rake.

Step 4

Allow the ground to harden for at least two weeks before planting Timothy grass. The grass seed needs a firm, moist base to start growing.

Step 5

Scatter the Timothy grass seed on the prepared planting area. You'll need 8 to 10 pounds of seed per acre of ground, so plan accordingly. Run the back of the gardening rake's head over the top of the planting area to drive the seed slightly into the ground.

Step 6

Water the Timothy grass seed immediately after planting it, but be careful not to completely soak the soil. Moisten the planting area daily until the Timothy grass seed begins to sprout. After that, water the grass lightly every few days (more frequently if the weather is dry).

Things You'll Need

  • Weed-killing herbicide
  • Garden rake
  • Hand tiller
  • Timothy grass seed


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