How to Display Coconut-liner Hanging Plants


Hanging baskets come in a wide variety of types to suit any garden design. Coconut-liner hanging planters have become quite popular in the home landscape. This organic material forms a mat that lines the inside of a wire basket. Coconut-lined hanging planters add considerable versatility to the outdoor decor. These planters can be hung anywhere to accent outdoor living spaces.

Step 1

Sort the plants according to light tolerance to determine the best location in your outdoor living space. Full-sun plants can be placed on the free-standing plant hook or on the bracket hook on a deck post or near house siding that receives bright light. Save those plants requiring shade for the individual screw hooks under decks or gazebos.

Step 2

Choose a location in the garden bed for the free-standing plant hook. These hooks feature two prongs on the bottom that embed 4 to 6 inches into the soil. These long tines increase stability after adding the weight of a hanging planter. Press down firmly to drive these stakes deeply into the garden soil. The flat area connecting the tines should lie at or below the existing garden surface.

Step 3

Suspend one plant from this hanger and gauge whether the hanger bends at all. These plants often require two coconut-lined baskets for stability but consider only hanging one, paired with a birdhouse or wind chime. High winds will cause the planters to swing and the wrought-iron can bend easily.

Step 4

Attach the wrought-iron bracket to the railing, deck post or side of the house using the screwdriver and screws. Pull down on the attached bracket to make sure it can handle the planter's weight. Hang the planter on the bracket.

Step 5

Locate areas under the deck, along porch overhangs or under the edge of a gazebo. This area presents the perfect location for shade-loving plants. Position the screw-in plant hanger in place and lightly tap the end of it with a hammer to get the hole started. Screw the hanger into the wood, using pliers if necessary to turn the hook until the decorative edge of the hook lies flat against the wood. Wrap the hook in a soft rag to prevent scratches. Place the hanging plant in position.

Things You'll Need

  • Coconut-liner hanging planters
  • Free-standing wrought-iron plant hook
  • Wrought-iron bracket plant hooks
  • Wind chime (optional)
  • Bird house (optional)
  • Screw plant hangers
  • Screw driver
  • Screws
  • Pliers
  • Hammer


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