How to Install Edging for Landscaping


Landscape edging is an attractive barrier that separates the edged flowerbeds from the rest of the lawn. It enhances the appearance of the yard or lawn and gives it a finished look. This visible divider demarcates a flowerbed so you make sure weeds or grass do not grow there. While most people assume installing landscape edging is something only a professional gardener can do, that is not the case. With a few simple tools in hand, any homeowner can install edging without professional help.

Step 1

Spread powdered chalk, spray paint or extend a garden hose over the area you want to install the edging so you know how much to purchase. Make the lines as straight as possible for square, rectangular or angular beds, while work towards soft rounded sides for circular ones. Measure the demarcated area and mark the measurement down on paper.

Step 2

Select landscape edging to suit your individual needs, allocated budget and the surrounding landscape. Edging material of different kinds such as plastic, wood, metal, stone, rock, concrete and brick is easily available in home department stores. Select good quality and commercial-grade edging so it withstands natural elements for many years.

Step 3

Dig a 5- to 6-inch deep trench just inside your demarcated line with a shovel, and as wide as the edging. This will give your edging material a strong hold and prevent grasses and weeds from spreading and growing in the landscaped beds. Keep it as long as the length of the flowerbed.

Step 4

Insert the edging material into the trench, making sure it is a half-inch above the ground line. The method of installing edging varies according to its type. Push metal or plastic edging deep into the ground until ½-inch above soil level, and drive spikes to reinforce their shape and position. Simply place rock or stone edging into the ground, while you have to spread a layer of sand into the trench before inserting brick edging.

Step 5

Step back to check how the edging is installed. It should be even all throughout. Use a shovel to backfill the gaps between the edging and trench, and tamp it down so the soil sets in place to hold the edging securely.

Step 6

Wet the area so the soil is moist. This will ensure it grips the edging better as it sets in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Powdered chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Landscape edging
  • Shovel
  • Garden hose


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