How to Neutralize Your Lawn From Dog Urine Damage


Urine spots from pets are a frustrating part of caring for a lawn; as a result, many a disagreement has arisen between lawn lovers and pet lovers. To help ease the tension, a dog's urine, with its high nitrogen concentration, can be easily neutralized to help keep the lawn lush and green.

Step 1

Connect a garden hose to a water source and get water flowing to it. Do this as soon as possible after the dog urinates on the lawn. Make sure that the spray is not so hard that it might damage or erode the grass.

Step 2

Thoroughly saturate the area on which the dog urinated. If you need to treat your entire lawn, run the sprinklers until the water begins to run off. The lawn needs to be rinsed within eight hours of the urine deposit to effectively prevent damage.

Step 3

As a last resort for lawns with a severe problem with pet urine, set a sprinkler system to water the grass every 8 hours to rinse the lawn regularly.

Tips and Warnings

  • Rinse the lawn of urine only as necessary. Saturating the lawn repeatedly can cause symptoms of overwatering--spots that indicate fungal infection.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden hose
  • Timed sprinkler (optional)


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