Common Office Plants

Employees often add plants to the workspace to brighten the stark expanse of cubicle walls. Office plants are simply houseplants that have been moved into the office setting. These plants include varieties that grow well under fluorescent lights. Light requirements should be matched to the type of plant to ensure success in the office setting. Keep the indoor temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit for these tropical plants and ensure adequate moisture since indoor air ventilation systems can dry soil quickly.

Spider Plant

The hardy spider plant graces many kitchens with light green and white variegated foliage resembling ornamental grass. Spider plants produce abundant plantlets on arching stems protruding from the parent plant. These plants work best in hanging planters although the spider plant performs beautifully in a pedestal planter. Spider plants require medium light, tolerate heat and require consistent watering.

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Philodendron originated as a tropical plant that survived well under the canopy of the jungle. This plant prefers medium to low light and grows in vine masses that make the plant perfect for hanging containers. The philodendron family of plants contains more than 200 varieties that include variegated leaf cultivars called golden pothos. Philodendron is poisonous to humans and pets. Philodendron can be trained onto wires or stakes to create an upright office plant. This plant survives benign neglect very well, roots easily and requires some yearly pruning to keep the full shape of the plant.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies offer the indoor gardener a chance to have a stunning bloom on an indoor plant. The bright green leaves of the peace lily enhance the office décor with shiny foliage. Occasional long stems protrude from the plant and highlight a simple white tear-shaped flower. Peace lilies require low light exposure and even soil moisture to produce flowers. Peace lily works well in larger planters with plenty of room to house this 2-foot-high plant. Mature plants have a low heat tolerance and require low amounts of light to prevent burning of leaves.

Dracaena (Corn Plant)

This common office plant thrives in medium light and features dark green foliage on individual stalks. Leaves can be solid or variegated and cluster at the end of a wood plant stem. This plant resembles a fine-leaf palm tree or corn stalk. Dracaena doesn't produce individual plant stems and foliage focuses at the top portion of the stalk. This plant grows up to 10 feet tall and requires regular but infrequent watering. Dracaena grows well in the office environment with consistent temperature and works beautifully as a larger, potted office plant.

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