How to Get Rid of Moles in Grass


Moles can be quite annoying when they decide to make their home in your carefully manicured lawn. Although they only eat insects and not the roots of your grass, as gophers can do, their furrows, or "runways," create an untidy appearance in lawn areas and other parts of your garden and can interfere with the ability of the grass to adequately cover the area where you want it to grow. If you are diligent and catch a mole infestation early, you can greatly reduce their numbers through cultural methods and trapping these creatures.

Getting Rid of Moles in Your Lawn

Step 1

Start your mole control efforts as soon as possible after you notice long raised areas of dirt appearing in your lawn. The first thing to do is to mow your lawn short---this creates a less appealing habitat for moles, who need the cover of taller grass and other plants to hide them. Continue to mow your lawn as short as recommended for the type of grass that you have.

Step 2

Locate the moles' tunnels and entry holes. Then insert one trap into each opening you find. Several different types of traps are effective for killing moles. They include scissor-jaw types, harpoon and choker loop traps. Check your traps every day and dispose of all dead moles in an appropriate manner. Find traps at a good garden center or order them online.

Step 3

Place a handful of mothballs into each entry hole. Although mothballs do not kill moles, their strong scent will drive these creatures away.

Step 4

Control moles in all parts of your yard. If it's possible to rototil any areas where you find runways and holes, this can be effective in collapsing the tunnels and it can possibly kill some moles that are traveling through the runways just below the soil surface.

Step 5

Purchase a toxicant that is approved for use with moles. Zinc phosphate is infused into grain and is the only toxicant the USDA has approved for mole control.

Step 6

Try an electronic mole control device. Manufacturers of these products claim that the sonic sound these devices generate will repel moles, gophers, shrews and voles.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be careful if you must handle a mole, dead or alive, because they can bite and also can carry diseases.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawnmower
  • Traps
  • Mothballs
  • Toxicant
  • Electronic device


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