Native Plants of Australia

Native plants in Australia include plants that grow in the rain forest, woodlands, open fields and mountains. There are 14 genera making up hundreds of species that can be found in Australia. Some of the native plants stand out more than other species of plants in the area because they can grow in other areas of the world as well.

Mint Bushes

The scientific name for the mint bush is Lamiaceae. Some of the plants are used for perfumes and cooking. These plants include basil, sage, marjoram, lavender, rosemary and thyme. There are more than 200 genera with more than 3,000 species. The best-known plants in Australia are the ajuga, menthe, plectanthus and westringia species. The two lips of the corolla are what make these plants stand out from other plants. The corolla has five petals that come up to form lips. There are two petals on the top and three petals on the bottom that appear to make the lips. They can be red, yellow or a light purple, but this depends on the variety.

Kangaroo Paw Family

The kangaroo paw is part of the Haemodoraceae family. This plant is found in New Guinea and Australia. This group includes the Conostylidoideae and Haemodoraceae species. The Australian plants from this family include the tribonanthes, phlebocarya, macropidia, conospidia, blancoa and anigozanthos. The main pollinators of this plant group are birds, but insects or marsupials and could pollinate a specific plant species. The kangaroo paw has leaves that sprout from the stem underground. The flowers are in clusters and look like elongated hot peppers with fuzz. The bright red flowers have no scent.

Boronia Family

The boronia plants are scientifically known as the Rutaceae. Members of this plant group include fruit trees such lime, lemon and orange trees. There are about 40 different species of the boronia in Australia. A few of the species are the leionema, zieria and the correa varieties. The plants grow mainly in the woodlands and forests. Most of the varieties are found throughout Australia except the correa, which is only found in the western parts of Australia. The flowers are usually bell-shaped before opening.

Waratah and Relatives

The waratah grows around South Africa, Australia and South America. The scientific name, Proteaceae, has many different species including embothrium, alloxylon and lomatia. The plants grow in the mountains, open fields and the rain forest. The small cluster of flowers of the waratah have no fragrance and are reddish in color. Birds are the pollinators of these plants.

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