How to Keep Birds Away From Peach Trees


While you look at your tree and take into consideration the fruits of your labor, birds look at the same tree and consider it a free meal. For those who don't want their next harvest of peaches to be consumed by hungry fowl, it takes a little creativity to keep them out. With additional effort to secure the peaches you have worked so hard to grow, you can successfully keep these freeloaders away.

Step 1

Drape netting over trees to keep birds from getting to the peaches. This may work better on smaller trees, as larger ones may be harder to cover effectively.

Step 2

Tie strings around old, used compact discs and hang them all around the branches of your tree. If compact discs are in short supply, aluminum pie pans and Mylar tape will have the same effect of refracting light and keeping birds away.

Step 3

Hang lifelike plastic owls in the branches of your peach tree to ward off hungry birds. You will need to move the owls around every couple of days for them to be effective. If the birds notice that the owls haven't moved in a while, they won't view them as a viable threat.

Step 4

Secure a small brown paper bag over each peach with a string to hold it in place. If the birds can no longer access the fruit they won't be as apt to land and hang out.

Step 5

String mono-filament fishing line across the branches of your tree to give off the illusion that the tree is protected by a barrier and keep birds out.

Things You'll Need

  • Netting
  • Compact discs
  • Aluminum pie pans
  • Mylar tape
  • Lifelike plastic owls
  • Small brown paper bags
  • String
  • Mono-filament fishing line


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