Crafts With Seed Packets

Some of the fun in gardening comes from the knowledge that you are creating something. The creation does not need to stop at your garden, however. Utilizing seed packets in arts and crafts provides a fun outlet for reusing your seed packaging and continuing the theme of creation. There are a number of craft projects with seed packets to create and enjoy long after your seeds have germinated.

Garden Markers

By laminating and mounting seed packets, you can create informational markers for your garden that contain all the necessary information about your plant in an easy to access location. Laminating paper or packing tape makes the seed packets waterproof. When mounted on a wooden craft stick, twig or piece of wire, these crafts can sit in your garden plot and tell you what is growing, where it is growing, and the care and keeping of that plant. These markers can be reused year after year, or new ones can be made for each crop of flowers, vegetables or herbs. After use, the mounting sticks can be removed and the laminated packets used as bookmarks or trinkets.


Seed packets make excellent notebooks covers. Mount the seed packet on a piece of cardboard using glue, and attach to a stack of similarly sized paper for a miniature notebook to jot down your gardening observations or anything else that strikes you as noteworthy. You can attach the mounted seed packets by drilling several holes along the edge of the cardboard and paper and sewing through the holes with a needle and thread, or you can use a machine specifically made to add a spiral binding to pages.


Collage is the art of assembling paper products to make a piece of art. In addition to decorative paper, photographs and pieces of newsprint, seed packets add visual interest to collages. Almost any object can be added to a collage, ranging from flower pots to canvas and everything in between. Seed packets can be added to collages whole or cut up for images, words and colors.

Miniature Shrine

A shrine is a collection of objects and images that is kept as a reminder or representation of something. Use seed packets as the background for a miniature shrine set inside of a recycled mint tin. Add seeds, pressed flowers or photos of the plants that grew from the seeds for a quaint reminder or visual display piece of your gardening activities. Knick-knacks and garden related charms or trinkets can be added to your seed packet shrine for visual interest in 3D.

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