Water Garden Perennial Plants

Homeowners have rushed to add water features to the home landscape to enhance the garden area. This beautiful addition to the outdoor living space may showcase a fountain, waterfall or collection of beautiful koi. Water garden perennial plants add a feeling of permanence to the water feature and serve a functional purpose as well. Water plants provide a cool place for fish to hide during the hottest part of the day and also serve as a hiding spot for protection. Water plants also consume algae in the pond to keep water quality balanced and supplied with oxygen.

Parrot Feather

Parrot feather provides abundant coverage on the pond surface as a floating plant. This plant features multi-stemmed fine leaf clusters on long stems that protrude from a plant pot at the bottom of the pond. Parrot feather tolerates sun or partial shade and can grow quite large in the correct environment. This plant needs regularly pruning to control size. Parrot feather provides excellent protection to control water garden temperature and to protect fish from owls, raccoons and birds.

Water Hyacinth

Add color to the water garden by including the beautiful water hyacinth to your pond. Water hyacinth floats on the surface of the pond, trailing roots beneath the foliage on the surface. This plant produces light purple flowers on stems reaching up to 3 feet above the water. Water hyacinth is considered to be an invasive species in many states. This plant serves as a beautiful addition to your water garden but needs to be monitored closely to limit spreading in the pond.

Water Lily

A wide variety of water lilies exist to add a stunning floral display to the water garden. Lilies fall in the category of deep water plants secured to the pond bottom by soil in a large pot. Water lilies feature flat, round leaves that float on the surface, providing security and shade for pond fish. Lilies also reduce the sun's contact with the water surface to limit algae blooms. Flowers feature pointed petals that open during the day and shut tightly at night. The most common varieties feature white petals with bright yellow or pink centers. This dramatic plant is a must-have perennial for the water garden to add color, striking flowers and the perfect habitat to shelter pond fish.

Wild Celery

Certain perennials serve multiple purposes in the water garden. Wild celery differs from the water lily or parrot feather because this plant lies entirely submerged in the pond. Wild celery performs the function of an oxygenator, cleaning the water of fish waste and excess algae. This plant grows in any type of sunlight exposure and water depths of up to 24 inches. Wild celery features thin leaves that look very like mounding ornamental grass on the bottom of the pond. Long foliage will float on the surface to provide a secluded habitat for fish.

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