How to Control the Depth of a Cultivator


A cultivator is a convenient tool to work over your garden soil quickly. Cultivators can be hard to handle, especially for someone who is not experienced with them. It can be especially difficult to handle them when turning over hard soil in a garden. One way to make them a little easier to use is to adjust the depth of the cultivator. By adjusting the depth gradually deeper, you can slowly work the soil deeper until it's worked as deep as you need it.

Step 1

Turn off the cultivator and disconnect the spark plug. The spark plug will usually have a spark plug wire attached to it. Pull it off.

Step 2

Adjust the depth of the cultivator by adjusting the wheel height. Depending on what type of cultivator you have, this adjustment can vary slightly. Usually there is a pin or wing nut assembly that adjusts the wheels to different heights. Pull the pin out or loosen the wing nut assembly, and adjust the wheels as needed. By lowering the wheels, you'll decrease the depth of the cultivator; by raising the wheels, you'll increase the depth.

Step 3

Reconnect the spark plug, and start the cultivator back up.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wear gloves when working near the wheels and tines of the cultivator. They are sharp and can cause serious cuts.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves


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