Pansies as a House Plant


Pansies are flowering plants that produce small, delicate flowers. There are many cultivars of pansies that produce flowers in every shade of the rainbow, including black and some flowers that have two shades in a single flower. The name pansy comes from the French word "pansée," which means thought, because the markings on the petals are said to resemble a human face that is deep in thought.


Pansies are grown indoors in flower pots or similar containers. The plants do not require a great deal of room for the roots, so relatively small containers suffice. The result is a smallish container with an overflow of greenery and flowers.

Soil Needs

Pansies need potting soil that drains well. Indoors, fill containers with a mix of potting soil and gardening sand mixed at a ratio of 1:1. The potting soil provides necessary nutrients, and the sand allows excess water to drain away from the root system.

Light Needs

Pansies do not like full sun or heat. Indoors, place containers of pansies in sunny rooms with filtered light. Light filtered through sheer curtains provides the optimum amount and intensity of light.

Water Needs

Pansies need moisture to develop flowers. Flowers develop best when the soil is kept moist but not wet. Over-watering promotes root rot and blossom drop. To keep pansies in the proper amount of moisture, water them twice a week unless the soil dries out sooner.


Pansies should be repotted each year, in a pot that is 1 inch wider in diameter. To repot, remove the plant from the potting soil and place in its new pot with fresh potting soil. Transplanting into a pot that is too large causes stress to pansies, which causes few blooms and yellow leaves.

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