How to Transplant Concord Grape Vines


Concord grapes vines produce abundant fruit and shapely vines in the home landscape. Adding grape vines to your garden requires a commitment to regular pruning. Grapes produce fruit on two main branches that extend off the main trunk of the plant. These arms, or cordons, hold the buds and future fruiting spurs of the vine. Learning to transplant Concord grape vines involves proper preparation of the soil and careful pruning of roots and vines.

Step 1

Prepare the garden site in a sunny location by cultivating the soil to a depth of 12 inches using a shovel, cultivator or rototiller. Cultivation involves stirring and loosening the soil to allow ready spread of plant roots. Remove all weeds to prevent competition with the grape vines.

Step 2

Mix in a 3- to 4-inch layer peat moss or compost to add organic material to the soil. This will improve drainage and increase soil nutrients, both of which prove essential for successful grape growing. Smooth the garden bed surface with a rake.

Step 3

Examine the Concord grape transplants for dead wood or weak roots. Trim the plant to two buds on one cane and clip long or broken roots.

Step 4

Dig holes to space the grape plants 7 to 8 feet apart and wide enough to prevent bending of the roots. Hole depth should mimic the planting situation in the pot from the nursery.

Step 5

Hold the plant firmly in the center of the hole and fill in with loose soil. Press gently to firm the soil to avoid snapping the roots. Bring the soil level about 1/2 inch below the garden surface and create a slight indentation around the grape vine.

Step 6

Water the plant at the base of the main stem and allow water to pool in the indentation. Watch carefully that excess water drains quickly from this location. Grapes require adequate drainage to produce successful fruit.

Step 7

Apply a 3- to 4-inch layer of mulch to the grape vine bed to discourage weed growth. Protect new Concord grape vine plants from weeds with constant vigilance to remove nuisance plants. Water regularly to keep the soil evenly moist.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Cultivator or rototiller (optional)
  • Peat moss or compost
  • Rake
  • Pruning clippers
  • Mulch


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Who Can Help

  • University of Nebraska: Trellis Systems for Home Grape Growing
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