How to Decorate the Kitchen With Daisies


Daisies are white flowers with overlapping white petals surrounding a bulging yellow center. The flowers are associated with innocence, purity and joy. To bring some of that sunny joy indoors, kitchens can be decorated with a daisy theme. The theme livens up a kitchen and brightens up the room.

Step 1

Paint the kitchen a shade that compliments daisies, as well as your existing appliances. Light blues, soft yellows and greens work well with most appliances and serve as a nice backdrop for the white and yellow daisies.

Step 2

Apply a daisy-themed wall paper border around the top of the walls. If you prefer, use a daisy-shaped stencil, paint and a stippling brush to stencil daisies around top of the wall.

Step 3

Find or make a clock with a daisy background to hang on the wall. Craft stores carry clock-making kits that can be decorated with any theme or photo. Hang the clock in a place where it can be seen from the kitchen table and doorway.

Step 4

Choose daisy decor for the table. As with any decorating theme, it's important to not go overboard with your theme. For this reason, use a muted daisy table cloth with solid-colored salt and pepper shakers, or daisy salt and pepper shakers with a solid-colored table cloth.

Step 5

Sew window valances with daisy fabric. Hang the valances over sheer solid curtains that compliment the wall color and daisy fabric.

Step 6

Find daisy-themed accent pieces, such as trivets, refrigerator magnets and kitchen towels. Use rub-on daisy decals to decorate outlets and switch plates with daisies. Again, less is more--put one or two daisies on each switch plate, rather than covering the entire plate with daisies.

Things You'll Need

  • Daisy themed fabric
  • Paint
  • Wall paper border or stencil
  • Daisy decor


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