How to Build a Flower Bed


If you grow flowers along pathways or among other plants in your yard, you know it can be difficult to maintain these individual plantings. Planting flowers in their own bed allows you to maintain the plants in one area, rather than throughout the landscape. Build a flower bed and concentrate your blossoms in desirable areas of your landscape. Create a healthy flower bed by building it one year before planting your flowers. This allows sufficient time for decomposition of previous vegetation.

Step 1

Locate a high, relatively flat area to build your flower bed. Mark the perimeter of the selected area with bricks or stones. Lay stones against one another and firmly tamp them down with your foot or a rubber hammer.

Step 2

Place pieces of unprinted cardboard within the perimeter of the new flower bed. Use corrugated cardboard from sturdy boxes, and cover the entire area with a layer of cardboard. Wet the cardboard with a hose. Lay six layers of newspapers on top of the cardboard. This moist area attracts earthworms, which break down the soil and add necessary nutrients to flower garden soil.

Step 3

Spread 4 to 5 inches of compost over the newspaper inside your marked perimeter. Allow the weather and nature to break down the fibers in the cardboard and newspaper over the following year to provide a rich medium for flowers. Leave undisturbed until the following spring.

Step 4

Realign any shifting bricks or stones around the perimeter of your flower bed shortly before the last anticipated frost. Turn the soil in your flower garden with a garden shovel to loosen the top few inches and prepare the soil for planting. Remove any weeds, roots or debris from your planting site prior to setting your flowers in their new flower bed.

Things You'll Need

  • Bricks or stones
  • Cardboard
  • Newspapers
  • Compost
  • Hose
  • Shovel


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Who Can Help

  • North Carolina State University Extension: Flower Bed Care
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