How to Compare Lawn Bug Killers


Even a healthy lawn can sometimes be invaded by insect pests, such as grubs, ants or flies. Not only do these insects detract from your lawn's appearance, but they may also pose a health threat to the grass and to you. Many products are available at garden stores and nurseries to treat bugs in your lawn, but they are not equal in their effects, nor their price. Compare lawn bug killers to make an educated decision on which product is best for your yard.

Step 1

Compare the list of target insect species for each lawn insecticide, typically noted on the product's label. The wider the product's range of efficacy, the more useful it will be for treating the insect pest. This may be important to you if you are facing more than one type of lawn bug problem.

Step 2

Review the products' toxicity by reading the warning box on each label. Most bug killers are toxic to some degree, but some are more potent than others. This may be critical to you if you have outdoor pets or small children who may play in the grass. In such cases, opt for a natural or organic insecticide, which may be less toxic, if one applies to the type of insect problem you have.

Step 3

Check the application instructions. Insecticides have varying application guidelines, some requiring more in-depth steps for you to follow than others. Also, note down how often you have to apply the insecticide. Some are residual, meaning that they will treat your lawn for several months, while others need to be applied every time an insect problem occurs. The best choice for you depends on how much time you want to allocate to treating insects in your lawn.

Step 4

Compare the price and rate of application for each bug killer product. Most insecticides list how much of the product you need to use to treat a certain square footage of lawn. This may give you an idea of how many treatments you can get out of the package or bottle. Divide the total price of the insecticide by the approximate number of treatments you can get to compare the actual cost of treating your lawn.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always wear precautionary safety gear, such as gloves, when handling any sort of bug killing lawn product.


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  • University of Tennessee: Lawn Insects - How to Control Them
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