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Aloe vera is an ideal addition to any garden, as it can be used for several medicinal purposes such as soothing burns, healing wounds and fading scars. This succulent is an attractive addition as well, and is simple to care for, requiring minimal supplies and care. It can be easily transplanted and spread quickly throughout your garden if desired.

Step 1

Plant aloe vera in loose, well-draining soil, such as cactus soil. It also thrives in sandy soils, so you can throw in some perlite or sand with a good-quality potting mix. If planting in pots, keep in mind that a 12-inch-tall aloe vera plant can easily thrive in a 6-inch pot.

Step 2

Fertilize your aloe plant every couple months with a succulent fertilizer found at your local gardening store. If you live in optimum growing conditions (with little to moderate rainfall), fertilize only a couple times a year.

Step 3

Water your aloe vera sparingly, as it doesn't need a lot. The soil also needs to completely dry out (which usually takes at least a week) before watering again. During the winter, water it even less, every three to four weeks.

Step 4

Place your plant in a sunny spot. If you live in a cold environment, keep your aloe vera plant in a pot in a very sunny window sill. Because the plant contains more than 95 percent water, it is extremely susceptible to frost.

Step 5

Propagate your healthy aloe by removing the small offset shoots near the base of the plant with your hands or pruning scissors. Insert these into soil where you want them, and continue caring for those offshoots like the large plant.

Step 6

Cut back aloe vera flowering shoots after they bloom, turn brown and die. These will be stick-like items that grow straight up into the air, very tall. Otherwise, the only requirement is to prune back dying or dead parts of the plant.


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