How to Fertilize Aloe Vera Plants


Kitchens are favorite locations for many home-grown aloe vera plants. It makes them handy for quick soothing of common mishaps such as minor cuts or burns. While aloe vera plants may look exotic, in reality they're no more difficult to care for and maintain than any other house plants. They like a warm room with lots of bright sunlight, good drainage and a little food and water now and then.

Step 1

Check your aloe vera plant when it's about time to water next. The top ½ inch of the potting soil should be dry.

Step 2

Feed your aloe vera plant a good nitrogen-rich liquid fertilizer. Follow the packaging instructions carefully.

Step 3

Follow the feeding with a regular watering. This will help to flush the fertilizer through the plant's root system. Fertilize the aloe vera plant with every other watering hereafter. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Step 4

Provide a foliar feeding on extremely warm days in between fertilizer applications. Mist the aloe vera plant's leaves with the same solution that you normally feed with, according to the packaging instructions. Apply enough to wet the leaves.

Things You'll Need

  • Nitrogen-rich liquid fertilizer


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