How to Budget for a Backyard Greenhouse


A backyard greenhouse extends your growing possibilities year round. You can also use it to get a jump start on your planting as spring nears. If you're saving up for your own backyard greenhouse, creating a budgeting plan will keep you on track so you can afford the upfront costs. Once you attain your greenhouse budgeting goals, you'll enjoy year-round savings on your grocery costs with your fresh vegetables and plants.

Step 1

Calculate how much money you currently have available for the greenhouse project.

Step 2

Determine the type of greenhouse you want to have. You can purchase greenhouse kits, make your own from scratch or have a professionally installed greenhouse added to the backyard. The costs vary depending on the selection with the professionally installed option being the most expensive.

Step 3

List the plants you wish to grow inside the greenhouse. This will help determine the size and features you need.

Step 4

Decide how large you want the greenhouse. Measure the available space so you know what size you can accommodate. Consider the types of plants you want to grow and how many plants you want in the greenhouse.

Step 5

Consider the accessories you need for the greenhouse. This might include an irrigation system, heating, ventilation, air circulation and lighting. Visit your local garden center or home improvement store for pricing on these items.

Step 6

Calculate the total costs for all of the materials and labor if you plan to have a professional install the greenhouse.

Step 7

Subtract the amount of money you already have available from the total cost of the greenhouse project. This is the amount you will need to save or finance.

Step 8

Determine when you want to build the greenhouse. Divide the amount you need to save by the amount of time you have until you want to begin the greenhouse project. For example, if you need an additional $900 for the project and you want to build the greenhouse in six months, you would divide $900 by 6; the result is $150, so you would need to save $150 each month for six months.

Step 9

Place the money for your greenhouse in a separate savings account. Put aside the amount you need to save each week or month in the savings account. Keep track of your progress toward your financial goal in the greenhouse budget.


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