How to Cut Tree Limbs With an Electric Saw


Occasional pruning is necessary for trees. There are many different ways to prune tree limbs: You can cut them with a hand saw, gas powered chain saw or electric chain saw, and if they are small enough, you can prune them off with loppers. One of the easiest ways is with an electric chain saw, which is easy to handle and makes nice, clean cut.

Step 1

Determine which limbs you want to trim. Damaged limbs, low-hanging limbs and limbs that could cause damage to objects on the ground should be trimmed off.

Step 2

Put on all required safety equipment: long pants, long-sleeved shirt, steel-toed boots, heavy gloves, hard hat, safety glasses and ear protection.

Step 3

Plug an extension cord into a GFCI outlet; plug the electric chain saw into the extension cord.

Step 4

Cut the branch from the bottom up approximately one-third of the way into the branch, about 6 inches away from the trunk. Cut the branch from the top down through the cut you made previously. The branch should fall away from the tree.

Step 5

Cut the stub off from the top down and 1 to 2 inches from the trunk of the tree to prevent damage to the trunk.

Step 6

Remove the branch from the area and repeat the process for all other branches.

Things You'll Need

  • Extension cord
  • GFCI outlet
  • Electric chain saw
  • Hard hat
  • Safety glasses
  • Ear protection
  • Heavy gloves
  • Steel-toed boots
  • Long pants
  • Long-sleeved shirt


  • Basic Tree Care
  • AgriLIFE Extension: Follow Proper Pruning Techniques
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