How to Grow Cat Grass


A healthy cat diet should include some sort of vegetation. While some cats refuse to eat plants, others crave it so much that they'll snack on any plant in sight. There are hundreds of common plants that are poisonous to cats. Wheat grass, also known as cat grass, can be grown indoors to satisfy your cat's cravings and also make other plants less desirable to them.

Step 1

Soak the cat grass seeds in a dish of water for eight hours before planting the seeds.

Step 2

Add potting soil to a small planter, leaving about 1 inch of empty space at the top of the planter. Add water until the potting soil is moist to the touch.

Step 3

Sprinkle the cat grass seeds on top of the soil, covering about 1/10 of the soil surface with seeds.

Step 4

Cover the seeds with ¼ of an inch of potting soil. Add water to dampen the new soil.

Step 5

Place the planter in a sunny window. Keep the soil moist for the remainder of the time you keep the grass.

Things You'll Need

  • Cat grass seeds
  • Small dish
  • Planter
  • Potting soil


  • Cat Grass

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