The Best Flowers for Hangers

Hanging planters filled with blooming flowers and trailing plants make great additions to gardens. Fill baskets or plastic containers with a some of these popular flowers, then hang them from your deck, patio or balcony to create attention-grabbing color and texture. Make sure to water your hanging plants every day or two in dry weather since they tend to dry out very quickly.

Trailing Verbena

For blooms the whole summer as well as creating the cascading effect that makes hanging planters look so beautiful, trailing verbena makes a great choice. Lightly fragrant and sporting clumps of small flowers in purple, white, pink or red, this flower requires little water once established. While verbena prefers full sun, it also does well in partial shade, making it a great addition to planters requiring more shade than sun. Look for types such as Babylon, Twilight and Wildfire with their 12- to 18-inch long trailing stems that bloom all season.


Perfect for hanging baskets receiving indirect sunlight, fuchsias offer a riot of eye-catching, dangling blossoms. Choose from varieties sporting red, purple, white, pink or orange blossoms, some with delicate blooms, others with fuller, double blooms that look like fluffy ladies' skirts. Fuchsias do not like intense heat, but they do thrive on humidity and require daily watering. For a planter full of showy blooms, plant five established trailing, double-blooming fuchsia plants such as Curtain Call, Julie Horton or Falling Stars in a 15-inch basket.


This plant comes in a variety of colors and sizes that thrive in full sun. While many clematis sport large flowers, for hanging planters choose plants with smaller flowers such as the Aromatica Clematis, a trailing variety. Its fragrant purple flowers and creamy white stamens bloom all summer, although you may need to prune it back a bit to keep the trails from extending down too far. You can also choose Empress varieties featuring pink blooms, or Fond Memories with their lavender-rose colored blooms.


Petunias remain a popular hanging basket choice for sunny areas. Easy to care for since they require little watering, petunias offer amazing variety from standard purple and pink single blossoms to showier double flower varieties in shades of pale pink, lavender and white. Try varieties such as Blue Frost with its ruffled edged blooms or Supertunia Mini, a miniature petunia with delicate little flowers. To keep petunias beautiful all summer, hang in full sun and pinch dead flowers to keep the plant blooming all summer long.

Trailing Begonia

These mild-climate plants feature showy blossoms hanging at the ends of long stems cascading down the sides of your planter. Available in colors such as white, pink, red and apricot, they bloom most of the summer in mild climates but don't grow well in hot climates. Choose cascading varieties such as Begonia Non Stop Fire or Begonia Chanson Trio with double flowers, for show-stopping beauty. Avoid placing begonias in areas where they get strong winds or full sun. A sheltered area with partial sun or shade works best.

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