How to Grow Hibiscus Tea


Approximately 220 different species of plants and trees are referred to as hibiscus. Each of them produce vibrantly-colored, showy blooms. Hibiscus flowers are edible, and are used to flavor salads and cold soups. Tea is made from the steeped hibiscus flowers.

Step 1

Acquire a hibiscus plant from a reputable nursery. If you can find an organically-grown hibiscus plant, purchase one. For best flower yield, choose a plant that is at least 18 inches tall.

Step 2

Take the plant home, and remove it from its container. Shake the excess soil off, and use a water hose to rinse the soil from the root system.

Step 3

Put several inches of organic soil into the flower pot, so that the plant's root ball will sit 4 inches below the top edge of the pot. Place the hibiscus plant into the flower pot.

Step 4

Fill in the spaces around the root ball with more potting soil. Tamp the soil down lightly. Water the plant immediately, so that the roots can work trapped oxygen bubbles out of the soil.

Step 5

Keep the soil moist but not wet. Over-watering results in root rot of the hibiscus. Under-watering will cause stress and diminish the number of flowers that the plant produces.

Step 6

Provide organic fertilizer every other month, if the plant is not producing flowers. Most hibiscus plants grow well with no fertilizer, however.

Step 7

Collect hibiscus flowers as needed. Hibiscus plants bloom daily, and drop spent blossoms every day. Collect, rinse, and dry fallen blossoms for future use. Pluck fresh flowers and bruise the petals with your hands. Pour very hot (not boiling) water over the flower, and let it steep for five minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Hibiscus plant
  • Organic potting soil
  • Large flower pot or container
  • Organic fertilizer (optional)


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