How to Maintain Jasmine Plant


The beauty and scent of a healthy jasmine plant is unmistakable and many people grow jasmine as much for its fragrance as for its ability to screen an area. While the size of the plant can sometimes make the idea of pruning such a beast seem like a chore, if you maintain a jasmine plant, you'll be rewarded each year with new blooms.

Step 1

Clip the tips of the jasmine stems after flowering with pruning shears. Cut diagonally so the cut end of the stem is aimed toward the ground. Remove only the top inch of each stem.

Step 2

Remove any old, weak, or damaged stems by cutting them away from the plant at their base, keeping the cut diagonal to the ground as in step one.

Step 3

Cut the jasmine stems at their base if they are trying to take over structures or other plants.

Step 4

Attach plant ties to a trellis or fence line around new stems that want to control.

Tips and Warnings

  • If your jasmine is still out of control, hard prune the plant by cutting off and removing every stem so that the plant is only two feet tall. This harsh style of pruning can "restart" the jasmine, but you will not see any blooms for up to three years as the plant recovers.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand pruning shears
  • Plant ties


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Who Can Help

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