How to Care for Gingergold Apple Trees


Crisp, yellow Ginger Gold produces conical apples early for both cooking and eating right off the tree. The apples store well, too. Growing Ginger Gold means learning about basic apple tree care, especially pruning and pollination. Like most apple varieties, Ginger Gold needs another apple variety to pollinate it for edible fruit. Varieties blooming around the same time include Gala and Red Delicious. Proper pruning, meanwhile, helps ensure good fruit yield and tree health. Finally, apples need to be sprayed regularly to prevent infestation and disease. Ginger Gold has average resistance, though it is vulnerable to fireblight.

Step 1

Find out the diseases and pests attacking apple trees locally by contacting your county extension office.

Step 2

Learn about pruning to a central leader (See Resources section). This pruning plan results in a Christmas tree shaped apple tree.

Step 3

Prune as late as possible in winter, taking off dead, damaged or diseased limbs.

Step 4

Have the soil the tree is rooted in tested through your extension office every couple years, which will let you know the fertilizers needed and whether you need to lime the soil to raise pH, which should be 6.5 to 7.

Step 5

Fertilize in spring, using the results of the soil test as a guide. Lime, if necessary, to raise pH. Water it in. Don't fertilize if there is a drought, the tree has been pruned a lot or the tree is growing too much (more than 10 inches in the previous growing season).

Step 6

Water about an inch biweekly. Don't water if there's been a lot of rain. Apple trees don't like to stand in water.

Step 7

Spray fungicide/insecticide about twice a month, according to package instructions.

Step 8

Rake up all tree litter.

Step 9

Weed about 3 feet out from the tree. Mulch can help control weeds as well as helping with moisture, but it also invites rodents.

Step 10

Control wildlife. Hang bars of soap to repel deer, foil rabbits by protecting the bottom foot of the trunk with hardware cloth, trap rodents and scare birds with noisemakers. (You might need to use netting for birds and fencing to keep out deer.)

Step 11

Space fruit to 6 inches apart when the fruit is about the size of marbles.

Step 12

Thin growth cautiously in summer, removing vigorous growth that is against the tree's pruning plan.

Step 13

Harvest fruit after it has matured, then hung on the tree for an extra week. Ground color helps indicate maturity. On Ginger Gold, ground color is yellow-green. (Ground color is color on the side that doesn't face the sun.

Tips and Warnings

  • Keep sprays locked away and follow all precautions to the letter.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Fertilizer recommended by soil test
  • Lime (optional)
  • Combination fungicide and insecticide spray made for apple trees
  • Weeding spade
  • Soap bars and string, hardware cloth, traps, noisemakers, netting (optional)
  • Rake


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Who Can Help

  • NCSU Cooperative Extension: Training & Pruning Fruit Trees
  • California Apple Commission: Ginger Gold
  • Washington State University: Fire Blight
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