How to Macrame Plant Hangers


People use plant hangers made from different materials to display flowers or foliage at varying eye levels. One type of plant hanger is a macramé plant hanger, which is the art of knotting different cords together to make something decorative yet functional. Add gems, beads or faux diamonds for a personal touch that also adds extra sparkle. Make a macramé plant hanger to display a beautiful potted plant indoors or outside, or give it to someone special.

Step 1

Cut six equal lengths of cord, making sure each length is five times longer than the desired length of the plant hanger.

Step 2

Fold the six cord lengths in half so you have 12 lengths. Gather the folds and slip a metal ring through them. Pull the cords taut and tie them using a grouped overhand knot, looping the folded end around the cord and pulling the end through tightly.

Step 3

Separate the 12 cord ends into three groups with four cords each. Attach one group of four cords to a knotting board with pins so you can work on it easier.

Step 4

Square-knot the pinned group of cords at the top of the planter (below the beginning knots), pulling the right cords over the left, twisting them and then pulling the left cords over the right. Both sets of cord ends should exit the knot together. Make the knots loose so you can see the design of the hanger as it forms. Repeat this process with the other two groups as well, pinning each to the board as you knot them.

Step 5

Separate each group (comprising four cords in each) in half. Pair each half off with another pair of cords on its let or right, so you have three new groups of four cords each. Knot each new group three times.

Step 6

Insert pins in the board to hold all the loops evenly. Square-knot the cords once again. Hold all the 12 cord ends together and tie a final square knot 6 to 8 inches above. The base of your pot will rest here. Slide beads into the ends, braid them or simply cut them off. Place the pot inside the hanger and mount it on a ceiling.

Things You'll Need

  • Macramé cord
  • Scissors
  • 1- to 2-inch-wide metal ring
  • Knotting board
  • Pins
  • Pot
  • Beads


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