Perennial Flower Farms

In every region of the U.S., flower farms offer perennial flower plants for sale. Flower farms often provide educational programs about how to use their plants and garden products. Classes may be taught with hands-on experience at the farms, or detailed information may be provided in print or online. Some perennial flower farms sponsor special gardening events. Buy perennial plants directly from the grower, and you are sure to have fresh, vibrant plants for your garden.

Heritage Flower Farm

The Heritage Flower Farm, located in southeastern Wisconsin, offers antique plant varieties that all date from before 1900. The interesting histories of these timeless plants may be centuries old, since some of the varieties were cultivated before the Roman Empire. The folks at Heritage Flower Farm have searched the world for forgotten seeds and plants from ancient gardens. They grow and sell more than 1000 varieties, and they provide a history of the plant as well as growing instructions with each purchase.

Painted Flower Farm

The Painted Flower Farm is situated in Denton, Texas. This flower farm grows hardy, drought-resistant native Texas perennial plants, as well as other plants that are well-suited to the hot, arid summers. They require less watering than "imported" plant varieties, an important characteristic for areas where water must be diligently conserved. The Painted Flower Farm is a small, family-owned business. Most of their nursery stock is sold in containers that are one gallon or larger.

Perennial Flower Farm

The Perennial Flower Farm in Ionia, Iowa is a destination for many gardeners and plant enthusiasts. The Master Gardener staff has amassed a collection of perennial plants from around the world; some are quite rare. Each year, they start more than 1000 different varieties from seed, making both the exotic and the ordinary plants available to their customers. The Perennial Flower Farm is open to visitors seasonally. Some plants are displayed in specific garden settings, such as the alpine and rock garden. A visit to this flower farm is like a visit to a formal botanical garden. In fact, the Perennial Flower Farm displays and sells their plants at the Denver Botanical Garden annual plant sale and at conventions and events sponsored by other gardening societies around the country.

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