How to Grow Grass in North Carolina


A lush green lawn is something many homeowners aspire to. In North Carolina, the outdoor season is long, so a good lawn can get a lot of use. It's perfect for kids playing, friendly get-togethers and myriad other outdoor activities. Starting from scratch by trying to grow a lawn from grass seed can be a time-consuming task. By following a few simple steps, though, you'll be enjoying your new, green outdoor space in just a few weeks.

Step 1

Remove sticks, rocks and other debris from the dirt surface where you will spread the grass seed. The area should be as free from debris as possible.

Step 2

Fertilize the lawn with a high-phosphorus product such as a 1-2-1 fertilizer. The fertilizer should be placed only on the top of the soil surface.

Step 3

Spread the grass seed over the entire surface where you want the grass to grow. You can spread the seed by hand, or use a hand caster or wheeled seed spreader, which can help apply the seed more evenly.

Step 4

Rake the top layer of soil to help the seeds stick into the ground, preventing them from blowing away and also helping them take root.

Step 5

Roll the lawn with a lawn roller to help the grass seed make better contact with the soil. This will make it easier for the seed to germinate.

Step 6

Spread a layer of straw over the newly laid grass seed to help it stay put and prevent moisture from evaporating. Use one to two bales of hay for each 1,000 square feet of land.

Step 7

Water the soil and grass seed immediately after it has been laid and covered. The grass seed needs to be kept moist until it germinates, so it will likely have to be watered two to three times a day for two to four weeks. When watering, use a gentle spray or stream of water and be careful not to let it pool so the seed does not wash away.

Things You'll Need

  • High-phosphorus fertilizer
  • Grass seed
  • Hand caster of wheeled seed spreader, if desired
  • Rake
  • Straw
  • Lawn roller
  • Water


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