How to Water Oak Trees


Oak trees can withstand most soil and weather conditions. However, newly-planted oaks need a bit more water than established trees. In addition, during dry spells and before the winter, oak trees will benefit from a good watering. Place a 2-to-3 inch layer of organic mulch, such as bark or wood chips, under the canopy of your tree to help retain water. Replace the mulch as it decomposes.

Step 1

Water oak trees that were planted within the last three years once a week during the growing season, usually from early spring until early fall.

Step 2

Water established oak trees only during long dry spells. Test the soil with your finger about 4 to 8 inches deep. If it is dry or just slightly moist, water the tree.

Step 3

Water oak trees in the fall or early winter before the ground freezes. This will give the tree the water it needs for the winter months.

Step 4

Place the hose near the base of the tree to water it. Turn it on for a slow trickle and leave it there for about three to five hours. This will slowly saturate the soil around your tree without getting the trunk wet.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch
  • Hose


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