How to Use a Pole When Planting Beans


Beans are a staple of summer gardens, giving you a harvest for weeks out of the gardening season. If you shy away from planting beans because you have a small garden, don't. Pole beans are among the few vegetables that add a sense of height to the garden. An alternative to bushy bean plants is pole beans. Pole beans are named such because they grow as a vine that climbs up a pole. When planting pole beans you can use three poles and make a tee-pee support, or use one solitary pole.

How to Use Three Poles

Step 1

Take three 5-foot-tall stakes and connect them at the top with twine, wire or a cable tie.

Step 2

Spread the bottoms of the poles apart to form a triangle shape. The poles now form a tee-pee.

Step 3

Set the tee-pee on the ground where your beans will be planted. You do not have to spread the bottom of the stakes too wide, otherwise it will take up a lot of garden space. Simply spread them apart enough to get them to set securely on the ground.

Step 4

Take a hammer and tap down on the tops of the stakes, which will give them firmer footing in the ground.

Step 5

Plant your bean seeds around the bottom of the poles, 2 inches deep into the soil and 3-4 inches apart, until you have planted a circle around the tee-pee.

Step 6

When bean plants begin to grow, direct them toward the poles until they begin to climb up them on their own.

How to Use One Pole

Step 1

Select a stake that is at least 1 inches by 2 inches by 6 feet long.

Step 2

Taper the bottom of the stake with a jig saw so that it has a pointed end, but do not cut off any of the length.

Step 3

Pound the stake 1 foot into the ground in the middle of where you will be planting your beans.

Step 4

Mound the dirt up around the bottom of the pole with a hoe, and plant your bean seeds 2 inches out from the bottom of the pole, 2 inches deep into the soil and 3 inches apart, until you have circled the pole.

Step 5

Direct the bean plants to the pole as soon as they are long enough.

Tips and Warnings

  • It is best to not use the one pole method if you are in an area that is often exposed to high winds, as it is not as resistant to the wind as the tee-pee method is.

Things You'll Need

  • Three 5- or 6-foot garden stakes
  • Twine, wire or large cable tie
  • Hammer
  • Hoe
  • Bean seeds


  • Gardening Know How: Tips for growing beans
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