Plants That Can Be Hung on a Wall in Your House

Plants can add a touch of beauty, while they help to purify the air and remove other pollutants in the home. Houseplants can take up a lot of shelf and table space however. With the use of brackets and hangers though, you can easily decorate with plants that can be hung on a wall in your house.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are a popular species to hang from a bracket on the wall. Spider plants come in a variety of shades. With their tiny new baby shoots, they make a bright contribution to any decor. As the new buds appear, they need room, making them an ideal choice for hanging. Snip off the new growth and repot. Hang the newly planted spiders in nearby smaller hanging baskets or in pots shaped to attach directly to the surface of the wall. Spider plants are very forgiving and do not require enormous amounts of water. Water weekly so roots can pull up the moisture.


Flowering plants, such as wisteria, do well hanging from a wall planter. Use chains, sconces or decorative brackets to show off the beautiful colors in wisteria plants. As the flowers continue to grow, they will droop over the sides of the planter and gracefully continue to grow. Wisteria comes in a variety of colors ranging from white and yellow to deep purple and pink. Wisteria must be watered lightly twice a week. Hang the plant low enough to pinch off dead buds to keep the look fresh and clean.


Ivy is a great plant to hang from a wall and guide the vines as they grow. Use the growth to extend the plant over other areas on the wall through additional brackets or hooks. Wrap the ivy around the basket to form a wreath with the vines. A variety of ivy plants can be hung on the wall. English ivy is a popular choice with decorators because its leaves are stiffer than other varieties and will grow upwards in addition to hanging down. When set in bright sunlight for most of the day, ivy plants will produce small berries. Ivy grows best when it is misted with water in addition to direct watering. Keep the leaves moist on top and underneath to prevent spider mites from making homes in the ivy.

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