Good Hanging Basket Plants

Billowing annuals and trailing perennials create a brilliant and colorful hanging basket. Hanging baskets also look lovely with cascading branches and draping blooms. Filled with multi-colored flowers and vibrant green foliage, hanging baskets are an ideal way to spruce up spaces around the outdoor landscape like a front porch or backyard patio. Bring in an unexpected touch to the landscape by hanging the basket from a shade tree or in clusters of varying lengths.

Weeping Lantana

A summer annual, weeping lantana has draping blooms and foliage that suit a hanging basket. Its lavender-to-pink blooms are formed in small clusters and look lovely flowing over the container. Weeping lantana can grow up to 3 feet in height and has a vine-like habit. The trailing branches contain green foliage with small green leaves. This warm-climate favorite requires full sun to thrive. It is also drought-tolerant and can withstand arid conditions and hot summer sun.

Trailing Petunia

This colorful annual has trailing foliage and bright blooms, making for a brilliant hanging basket. The small flowers come in a range of colors that include red, rose, blue, violet and pink. The height of a trailing petunia only reaches 6 inches maximum. Trailing petunias are summer bloomers and last through the first frost, making for a long-lasting hanging basket. They prefer full sun; they can withstand some shade, but only by sacrificing their flowering capability. Place trailing petunias in hanging baskets to line a front porch for a colorful welcome to your house.

Dwarf Morning Glory

The dwarf morning glory does well in hanging baskets. The 2-foot mound-like structure fills out the container with its bright blooms. The colors of the morning glory range from bright purple to blue, lavender and pink. The dwarf morning glory grows up to 24 inches in height and 12 inches wide, making a showstopping hanging basket. They prefer sun to partial shade and begin flowering in the summer. The dwarf morning glory is a fast grower and will have the basket filled out in no time. Dwarf morning glory prefers well-drained, sandy soil with low fertility.

Trailing Coleus

This sun-loving, all-season plant is grown for its multicolored foliage. The colors of the leaves include red, crimson and pink and are tinged with a contrasting color like white or green. The trailing coleus grows up to 3 feet in a mound-like shape. The heart-shaped leaves of the trailing coleus look brilliant draped over a hanging basket.

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