The Best Greenhouse Plants

A greenhouse is a handy way to grow plants in a controlled climate, and you'll have no trouble stocking it. Buy your plants at a local nursery, or find lists of greenhouse suppliers on websites such as You can order everything from cactuses and succulents to tropicals and edibles, but before you buy, make sure the plants require about the same temperature so they can all thrive in the greenhouse together.


Choose fuchsias for a stunning array of floral shape and color in your greenhouse. These easy-to-grow plants look magnificent hanging in baskets from the ceiling, whether their blooms are bright red or deep blue, long and thin or short and broad. Plant fuchsias in well draining soil improved with organic matter such as compost, and keep the soil moist but not soggy. Fertilize regularly to keep the fuchsia blooming.


Enliven your greenhouse with cyclamen--people love their two-tone leaves and flowers ranging from purple to white. Plant cyclamen in a soil that drains well--you might have to add peat moss or compost to potting soil achieve that goal. These plants like high humidity and a slightly moist soil, but be careful not to oversoak them. Enhance their growth with a fertilizer that's low in nitrogen.


Grow begonias in the greenhouse for their decorative, patterned leaves and their colorful blossoms ranging from white, yellow or red to pink. These plants like rich, well draining soil--many gardeners add amendments such as peat. For best results, keep the moist and the air humid. Use fertilizer--especially one high in nitrogen--to help begonias bloom well.

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