Meadow Foam

Meadow Foam - Garden Basics - Flower - Annual

(Limnanthes douglasii)

Meadow foam is sometimes called fried egg or poached egg flower for it's yellow center with white edges. They grow 8-12 inches high and are excellent for edgings and damp rockeries. They prefer cool areas but will grow in warmer zones if the soil is kept moist. Meadow Foam is not suitable for tropical climates. They have a sweet fragrance, and bees find them very attractive. Flowers appear in spring and early summer, and are not suitable for cutting. Plants will often self-sow.

Choose a sunny location where the soil is damp at all times but not soggy. Work in lots of organic material to help the soil retain moisture. Sow seeds in fall or early spring directly in the garden. Cover the seeds lightly and keep the soil moist. Germination takes about three weeks. Thin seedlings to six inches apart. Plants do not need a lot of fertilizer. One feeding with a complete fertilizer after the plants are established is usually enough.

  • Type
  • Propagation
  • Light
  • Flower Color
    yellow centers with white edges
  • Bloom Time
    spring and early summer
  • Height
    8-12 inches
  • Width
    6 inches
  • Soil Requirements
  • Zones
    not suitable for tropical climates
  • Uses
    edgings, damp rockeries, between paving stones

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