How to Make a String Trellis for Pole Beans


When you have a row of pole beans in the ground and ready to climb, it is time to build a sturdy trellis. A string trellis is a simple, yet effective, trellis to support your pole beans. Pole beans are happy to twine around anything vertical, so they may not only climb the string part of this trellis, but the supports as well.

Step 1

Use the post driver to drive the fence posts into the ground at each end of the row of pole beans. Drive the fence posts into the soil at least 1 foot. Add one or two additional fence posts along the row if the row is more than 12 feet long.

Step 2

Attach one end of the fence wire to the fence post on one end of the bean row by looping it around the fence post just above a notch at the top of the fence post. Use the pliers to twist the wire tightly around itself to hold it securely onto the fence post. Stretch the fence wire across to the other fence posts. If you placed fence posts in the center area, insert the fence wire into the notches on the fence posts to hold the wire securely.

Step 3

Continue stretching the fence wire down to the other fence post on the other end of the bean row. Pull the fence wire taut and loop it around this fence post tightly, securing it into a top notch on the post. Use the pliers to twist the wire tightly around itself to hold it securely around this fence post. Cut off any excess fence wire.

Step 4

Tie lengths of jute twine to the fence wire approximately 1 foot apart along the fence wire and extend the jute twine straight down to the soil level.

Step 5

Insert a u-shaped staple into the soil directly under each length of jute twine by pushing them straight down. Leave the top of the staples approximately 1 inch above the soil level and tie the length of jute twine around the staple at the u-shape of the staple. Push the staple the rest of the way into the soil so it is flush with the soil. Repeat this process to anchor each length of jute twine into the soil.

Step 6

Train the pole bean plants to climb the jute twine by winding them gently around the twine as the beans get tall enough. Once they get started, they will climb the twine vertically without further encouragement.

Things You'll Need

  • 6-foot metal T fence posts
  • Post driver
  • Fence wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Jute twine
  • Scissors
  • Metal U-shaped ground staples (see resource)


  • University of Idaho Cooperative Extension: Beans and Peas--Trellises

Who Can Help

  • University of Minnesota Extension: Trellises and Cages to Support Garden Vegetables
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