How to Arrange Flower Bouquets


A well-arranged flower bouquet makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. If you have a brightly blooming garden in your own backyard, you can put together a bouquet for free while creating a meaningful gift comprised of plants that you have grown yourself. Even when the blooms are purchased from a florist, a bouquet that you have arranged yourself has a special personal touch. Arranging flower bouquets is a fun and relatively easy project that requires only minimal supplies.

Step 1

Pick a variety of flowers that have at least one element in common. Whether it's a similar color scheme or a defining shape, a selection that looks cohesive will yield the best results. For the easiest bouquets, select several of the same flower in varying colors such as red, pink and orange roses or choose a single color, such as white, and pick up flowers in varying shades of that hue.

Step 2

Arrange the flowers in your hand. Begin with the tallest flowers. Turn the bouquet in your hand as you add more and more flowers. Select blooms that gradually decrease in height. As you add new stems, they will slant outward from the center, creating a full dome shape.

Step 3

Secure the flowers with a thin hair elastic to keep them in place. Drop the flowers into a belly vase and view the bouquet from all angles. Remove, adjust and add flowers as needed to achieve your desired look.

Step 4

Fill out the bouquet with greenery, baby's breath or ferns to cover any gaps and give it more fullness.

Step 5

Remove the bouquet from the vase and trim the stems at the bottom with garden shears so they are all the same length. Take off the hair elastic and secure the flowers with a thick rubber band which will hold them more securely.

Step 6

Wrap the finished bouquet in floral paper and secure with a decorative ribbon.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair elastic
  • Vase
  • Garden shears
  • Rubber band
  • Floral paper
  • Ribbon


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