Clay Pot Garden Projects

Garden artwork adds personality to the outdoor living space. Gnomes, decorative pots, fountains and statues reflect the personality of the individuals who tend the gardens. Clay pots serve as the base for a multitude of craft projects that can be made easily in just a few hours. These versatile pots come in a variety of sizes that can be used alone or paired with other pots to create unique projects.

Clay Pot Tower

Gardeners can create clay pot tower with four to five different sized pots, a 4 foot wooden dowel rod, potting soil, gravel and plants. Place the largest pot on the bottom with a 2 inch layer of rocks and fill it with potting soil. Push the dowel through the center to the bottom of the pot. Slip the dowel through the drainage hole on the bottom of the next largest pot. Move it down to the soil of the larger pot and tip it sideways until the inner rim leans against the dowel. Fill the pot with rocks and soil. Feed the dowel through the next pot, sliding it down the dowel until it rests on the pot rim below it. Tip this pot to balance on the rim and fill it with rocks and soil. Continue feeding the dowel through the drainage holes until you've used all your pots. Plant flowers, vines or herbs in this tipsy clay pot tower.

Pot Shard Plant Markers

Gardening brings about the inevitable broken clay pot shards that get piled in the potting shed for use as drainage layer in larger pots. Another use for the pot shards involves the creation of unique plant labels for use in your herb or vegetable garden. Materials include large pieces of pot shards, glue, acrylic paint and outdoor craft sealant spray. Decorate the pot shard with plant names and designs. Attach the dowel to the pot shard for use as a stake in the garden. Cover the pot shard with sealant to protect the artwork for the elements.

Decoupage Flower Pots

Clay pots work so well as decorations on the patio that they often get overlooked as a beautiful base for a silk floral arrangement. Decoupage involves mixing a thin paste of white glue and water to stick decorative accents to the outside of the clay pot. Use seed packets, family pictures, tissue or scraps of wall paper. Cut out the seed packet designs until you have enough to cover the outside of the pot. Apply decoupage to the back of each piece of decorative paper and attach it to the pot. Proceed applying the rest of the decorations and paint the entire pot exterior with decoupage after applying all the paper. This planter should be used outdoors but makes a beautiful, personal addition to a sunroom container garden or as a centerpiece for a kitchen table.

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