How to Use a Vetiver Plant


Vetiver, a perennial grass native to India, has many uses in a wide range of applications. From medicinal to ornamental, every part of the plant has a use. For instance, growing vetiver grass in a garden pond will help rid the water of harmful pollutants that can damage your garden ecosystem. Planting vetiver can be done in an afternoon while tending your garden.

Growing in a Pond

Step 1

Scatter a packet of vetiver grass seed into the center of your garden pond. The seeds are highly adaptable and can grow in waterlogged soils and dry ground. Nothing else is needed to grow the vetiver, as it will anchor itself in the floor of the pond, and can reach as tall as 4 feet, filtering the pond of pollutants.

Step 2

Clear unneeded clumps of the vetiver grass to harvest for other uses and to keep it from overgrowing.

Step 3

Hang the vetiver clumps outdoors to dry, or quickly transplant the rooted clump to create an ornamental border grass plant.

Aromatic Use

Step 1

Clean and remove the healthiest roots from your vetiver plant.

Step 2

Place the roots in a steam pan on your stove, and simmer for approximately 30 minutes to an hour. Discard the roots.

Step 3

Use the oil-enriched water in a spray bottle to freshen your home with the balmy scent of vetiver.

Step 4

Snip the grass into small pieces and wrap with muslin fabric to create scented sachets to be placed in linen closets or other parts of the home to freshen the fabrics.

Step 5

Clean the roots and hang them to dry in your kitchen for a light scent.

Things You'll Need

  • Vetiver grass seed (obtained through nursery or reliable online retailer)
  • Pan
  • Spray bottle
  • Muslin


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