How to Plant Creeping Charlie


Weeds exist as the bane of every gardener. These insidious invaders creep into the perfect garden plot to decimate the planned design and layout of many gardens. The creeping Charlie might be one of the most attractive ground ivy pest plants in the landscape. This plant features rounded leaves with purple flowers. Creeping Charlie is a member of the mint family and was formerly used as a medicinal plant. If you've got a vendetta against a neighbor or simply want to punish yourself, plant creeping Charlie in your garden or hanging planters to create a nightmare weed experience.

Step 1

Locate a few samples oft his plant in a neighbor's yard or on your own property. Garden centers don't sell creeping Charlie although the plant performs as a perennial and remains green throughout the year.

Step 2

Choose a shade or sun location in the yard with well-drained soil. Select areas other than those near grass since the creeping Charlie will choke out grasses, perennials, annuals and ground covers. Creeping Charlie tolerates many environments and will seek out the best growing conditions.

Step 3

Dig holes about 2 to 3 inches deep spaced about 4 inches apart. Place the roots of the plant into the hole and fill in with loose soil. Press firmly to secure the creeping Charlie into the planting hole.

Step 4

Plant multiple stems in a hanging planter using standard potting soil. Fill a planter two-thirds full of potting soil. Dig individual holes for each plant in the potting soil and place each plant in its own hole. Fill in around each plant, form the soil and apply a 2-inch layer of potting soil on top of the planter. Final soil level should reach 1 to 2 inches below the planter rim.

Step 5

Water the creeping Charlie thoroughly. Hanging planters dry out faster than garden soil and require more frequent watering. Water regularly to keep soil evenly moist around the vine. Creeping Charlie tolerates dry soil once the plant becomes established in its new location.

Things You'll Need

  • Trowel
  • Potting soil
  • Hanging planter
  • Watering can


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