How to Water Supersteak Tomato Plants


With an average weight of 1 pound, the supersteak tomato--a hybrid created by the Burpee seed company--is larger than your typical tomato. The tomato plant is prized for both the size of its fruit and its vigorous growth, with only 80 days between sowing and harvest. Provide your supersteak tomato plant with sufficient water to support proper plant and fruit development.

Step 1

Pile 2 inches of mulch around the base of the supersteak tomato plant, but make sure the mulch doesn't actually touch the base of the tomato plant to avoid causing stem rot. Mulch helps conserve soil moisture.

Step 2

Apply water to the supersteak tomato plant twice a day. Provide enough water to moisten the soil to a depth of 6 inches. You can check for moisture depth using a straight object such as a pencil or a screwdriver.

Step 3

Monitor the supersteak tomato plant for signs of dehydration. Twice daily waterings should be sufficient, but some climates may demand more water. Increase watering intervals if your supersteak tomato plant shows wilting or yellowing of the leaves.

Tips and Warnings

  • Tomatoes are made up of mostly water and failing to provide your supersteak tomato with sufficient water can cause both stunted plant growth and poor fruit size.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch
  • Water
  • Straight object (e.g. pencil)
  • Water-absorbing soil polymers


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